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Blow Away

Peculiars Magazine ~ Anatomy of a Melancholia issue

Once upon a time a tender soul
Lost in the whirlpools of incarnation
— what a cruel word it is
Forced to embrace her vessel as one with soul When she knows better to swim than navigate

« At the gate stand thy flesh and bones »
And on the other side maybe freedom and bliss Pure water soothing the griefs of this tender soul 

« Stay still my precious one
As for the love of thyself
Thou will become as typical as one should be » Oh please teach me for I am curious
How can a watery fire typically burn 

Teach me how to bear the intensity
By this side of the gate I don't belong to
« Thy brain is precious and rare » you say
But you only see oil where I see
Golden veins running through the amethyst core

Tell me : how close am I from dissolution — what a sweet word it is ?
To dissolve in the pit of my own melancholy Delights of the cosmic truth Eternity upon the waves 

Once upon a time a tender soul incarnating The depths of what humanity ignores The …

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