Blow Away

Peculiars Magazine ~ Anatomy of a Melancholia issue

Once upon a time a tender soul
Lost in the whirlpools of incarnation
— what a cruel word it is
Forced to embrace her vessel as one with soul
When she knows better to swim than navigate

« At the gate stand thy flesh and bones »
And on the other side maybe freedom and bliss
Pure water soothing the griefs of this tender soul 

« Stay still my precious one
As for the love of thyself
Thou will become as typical as one should be »
Oh please teach me for I am curious
How can a watery fire typically burn 

Teach me how to bear the intensity
By this side of the gate I don't belong to
« Thy brain is precious and rare » you say
But you only see oil where I see
Golden veins running through the amethyst core

Tell me : how close am I from dissolution
— what a sweet word it is ?
To dissolve in the pit of my own melancholy
Delights of the cosmic truth
Eternity upon the waves 

Once upon a time a tender soul
The depths of what humanity ignores
The other side of the gate

The highest point of melancholy

In my brain dance stars and moons and
Suns made of shadow
Are these memories
Memories of what I didn't bring here
Memories of what I've lost

My melancholy stands for what I'll never know
But nevertheless am sure of
What lies by the other side of the gate
My purest poetry
The purest form of myself

What tender souls are made of
Tell me how you by my side of the gate 
Can bear roar power — divinity
Inside the tiny walls of our unsure vessels 
Coffins of passion with nails of despair

Tender soul, this must be thy own Purgatory


Un petit aparté dans le récit des Lunes. Aujourd’hui 10 décembre 2019, 21 jours avant la prochaine décennie et 189e anniversaire de la naissance d’Emily Dickinson, sort le deuxième numéro de la revue Peculiars, intitulé Anatomy of a Melancholy, à laquelle j’ai participé à travers ce poème et ces deux images de Marion Lanciaux. C’est la deuxième fois que j’écris dans une autre langue que le français… 

La revue est disponible via Blurb, et tous les bénéfices seront reversés à une association liée aux troubles mentaux. Une version numérique est également disponible via l’onglet contact du site.

From people who nearly died but survived
Feeling no fear of leaving their bodies here


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